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And bizarre beautiful kitsch and good is not all! You will also discover nature and nudity – interesting people past and present, oddities and absurdness and of course, many references to the erotica titles which Richard Lee publishes on Amazon. Like Art, the label erotica will always derive its meaning and significance from the responses of the individual reading it.

People respond differently to stimuli and that is how it should be. How boring life would be if this was not the case. Paintings would all be pretty much the same, the birthday cards you receive might all be the same card, and how on earth would television and film producers make anything other than the same movies.

Note: I still haven’t got my head around something I heard about many years ago. I was told that film producers put out trial shows to reviewers before proceeding with a full production.

The film maker’s final choice was the story that most commonly was rated as each reviewer’s THIRD choice.

This idea might help to explain how people see the world. And perhaps it is a clue to why the covers of so many of the thousands of books labelled erotica depict an image of an overly developed male torso with sleeve tattooed arms grasping a stupefied looking woman showcasing her cleavage. Everyones third choice?

“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” HARUKI MURAKAMI

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