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Excerpt from Swinging by a different name:

Jessica realised that she was already loving this job. Watching people prepare for a night of sexual adventure was truly exciting.

The first couple she had noticed suddenly decided to move and rose and headed towards the settee close to Jessica but as they were about to sit down, the man turned and looked towards the door and Jessica heard him speak.

“They’re here darling. Look! I said they’d come.”

His partner stopped staring across at Jessica and looked back to the main door.

“Oh yes, Arnold. They did come. I’m so pleased to see them. I just hope they remember us and are pleased to see us.”

Arnold waved across the room and Jessica saw a man and woman waving back and moving slowly across to join the first couple.

“Well Megan. Happy now? I know how much you enjoyed Ray.”

The lovely lady’s face took on the perfect blush and she looked at Arnold with a kindly knowing smile. Then, without any indication to her man, she looked quickly past him across at the nearby Jessica and beamed a beautiful smile.

“And I believe you enjoyed his lovely wife just as much, darling. I just hope they remember us as fondly. From my memory, Susannah was blown away when you took her up against the wall.”

Arnold laughed. 

“As I remember it, you both came at about the same time. Ray nailed you against the same wall and it all took off from there.”

Jessica was wildly excited by what she was hearing. On top of that, she was instantly in love with the lithe wifey Megan, staring at her in her floral dress and seamed stockings and modest heels. Jessica suddenly found herself wanting to lie on top of Megan and do loving things with her beautiful and seemingly innocent body.

“Maybe those American TV shows depicting attractive bored housewives were really true to life after all?” Jessica mused.

As the newly arrived couple came closer, Jessica noticed certain similarities. Both women were tall and lithe and both stood a half head higher than their husbands. The men were stocky and likely quite muscular.

Hi, Arnold and Megan. So glad you are here. Susannah was terrified you wouldn’t show up. I assured her that you seemed to have as good a time as us when we first met so you were sure to be here.”

Jessica was now in love with all four. Susannah in a plain summer frock and stockings and heels was almost identical to the lovely Megan. And Jess could have willingly allowed either or both of the two jolly men to pin her against a wall and do what ever they wanted. 

There was an awkward moment of silence as the two couples continued smiling at each other, neither pair sure of what to say or do next. Jessica noticed the excitement shining through the blushes on both womens faces and she tried to live their anticipation.

Then Susannah reached across and took Megan’s hand and Jessica saw Megan squeeze the other’s hand signifying a common purpose. Then in a little voice, Megan spoke.

“We both liked what we did last time and would happily do it again if that is okay with you boys? And, I should ask, if you are both still okay with us gals getting poked by other men later? And we so loved seeing you with other women didn’t we Susannah?”

Susanna grinned. “Oh yes. Especially towards the end when that very big lady made you both fuck her, and then suggested you both try to fuck her at the same time. Megan and I were both quietly cheering you on. It was so hot.”

Arnold and Raymond exchanged glances, silently indicating that a repeat of last time was exactly what they wanted. Then each took the hand of their partner and placed it in the hand of the other man.

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