From the Eros Crescent trilogy by Richard Lee available on Amazon.

Janice At Large in EROS CRESCENT by Richard Lee.

When Janice and Maria and Serina left Mary’s birthday party they held hands as they walked the few yards to the front gate of twenty-one Eros Crescent. The summer night was balmy, ideal for being outdoors. 

The two women gently guided Janice along a winding path to a wide covered veranda.

Instead of unlocking the door of the big old house, the mother and daughter asked Janice to sit down on the comfy old sofa that sat against the wall. Then the two slowly gave in to their passions, starting by lifting Janice’s legs into the air and removing her panties and taking turns licking and sucking her.

“Oh my goodness, what is happening? What are you doing to me?”

“Just say if you want us to stop Janice. We don’t want to frighten you,” Maria said quietly. 

“Mum and me are hungry for you Sister Janice. Please don’t worry. We won’t hurt you”

But Janice loved it and laid back with just her hands fumbling in the darkness, surreptitiously seeking out the bodies of the two adoring women.

Janice smiled inside. 

At Mary’s party she had told Maria and Serina, that she was only a week out of a convent and quite lost in this modern world. She said that she had become sexually frustrated and had fallen in love with another nun who rejected her and reported her to the mother superior. 

She finished her story by shedding a tear and dabbing her eyes and within minutes, first Maria then Serina put a hand under her skirt and caressed her thigh above her stockings, whispering their desire to help her, and Janice knew she was on her way.

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