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Richard Lee In Print & Out of Print Publications

Here is a full list of Richard Lee In Print & Out of Print Publications Erotic Fiction The Eros Crescent trilogy in separate volumes: The Fifi Code (ISBN - 978-0-909431-02-0) Eros Crescent (ISBN - 978-0-909431-05-1) Mount Eros (ISBN - 978-0-909431-08-2) Available in late 2020 The Eros Crescent Excerpts. Six small volumes containing the activities of..

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Richard Lee

Being a bookseller and shop manager at Australia's largest bookstore in the late '60's and early '70's was a wonderful experience for Richard Lee. The Paris riots of 1968, the Counter Culture and anti Vietnam war movements and the fight against literary censorship were all defining moments which fed the new revolutionary and exciting bohemian..

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The FIFI CODE The FIFI CODE is the first book in the Eros Crescent trilogy. It is a novel about love. It provides a window on women loving women both within and outside of an existing heterosexual relationship and when a man’s love might just not be enough.Meet the residents of Eros Crescent and in..

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